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Fantastic Laser Guided Scissors -

Laser Guided Scissors

Cut That Perfect Straight Line

Take frustrations out of your next diy product with these laser guided scissors. A single red beam will guide you through paper, fabric and most of the other materials you need a piece of. It’s so user friendly that anyone should be able to do this as long as they know how to hold a scissor. Comes with comfortable grips and can be switched on or off with a single button. The blades are made from stainless steel to make sure you will enjoy this electronic tool for years to come. Let’s take a closer look at it and explain how to get the best results.


Laser Guided Scissors Facts

laser guided scissors factsLike we said, this is an extremely easy way to obtain sharp lines for that perfect result. The times of drawing guidelines are over and it will save you a lot of your valuable time. Once activated you need to set the angle of the laser so that it follows the direction of the blade. This needs to be done only once so just take a couple of minutes to do it right. How to use it: One good tip we came across is to have a target point to aim for. For instance, you could draw a little black dot exactly on the spot you want to be guided to. Now all you do is keep the laser beam in that same direction and off you go. Just try it a couple of times and before you know it you will become and expert with this thing.


More Information

You will find all the specifications on the sellers website but keep in mind that these laser guided scissors run on two LR44 batteries which are not included. You could order them separately or maybe you have some spare. All together a cool product for creative and do-it-yourself fanatics.

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Laser Guided Scissors


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