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Stunning Lounger Chair -


Lounger Chair

Tropical Island Feeling!

Ever enjoyed that sunny moment in your back yard where you were just not satisfied with the comfort of your chair or hammock? Now imagine owning this lounger chair! Not only does it look cool, it’s also extremely comfortable. It’s designed and manufactured to last for years by using only high quality materials. Read a book, enjoy a cocktail or dream away on the included cushion and pillow. In our opinion one of the coolest and funniest additions for any garden out there.


Lounger Chair Details

lounger chair front viewTo be sure it will fit in the perfect spot you should know that this lounger chair is 73 inches long, 46 inches wide and 78 inches high. Great fun for kids and grown ups who weigh up to 265lbs (or 120 kilograms). The cushion comes with this product and has an attached pillow for more relaxation. The canopy on top is 46 inches wide and provides a shadow on the chair. It’s capable to survive most weather conditions. Depending on your taste and outdoor furniture you could consider to get it in another color. This is the blue version, but it’s also available in green and red. Some people have this in their living room for which they usually take off the umbrella. Wherever you want to put it, this might just be your next best friend after a hard day of working!


loungerchair redloungerchair green

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Lounger Chair


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