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Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker -

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Good Waffle Morning

Now even though this is often used to please kids in the early morning before they go to school, it could be an entire family enjoying this to it’s fullest! It could be in the morning or in the afternoon, but some just like to have a waffle in the evening or even at night. Or who about a birthday party where kids go crazy about these treats? There are so many occasions to switch this electronic gadget on that it’s hard to keep track. For us adults maybe a Disney character isn’t the first priority when we decide to buy a waffle maker. But remember that children do appreciate a funny meal and are more than happy to take their seats. Just continue reading or check it out yourself if we woke your interest.


The Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker And Related Stuff

olaf frozen waffle makerMickey Mouse is just one of the example versions you can choose from. If you’re not really a Disney fan you could for instance take a look at the Star Wars options. There is a Death Star waffle maker available or you could go for Darth Vader. Other ideas would be Captain America or the Avengers. If however you prefer Disney and you are a bit confused then maybe the snowman Olaf from the movie Frozen could help you out ( see the picture on the right). Whatever you prefer, you’ll stumble upon them all on the sellers page. Let’s take a look at the Mickey waffles and how they turn out to be.


The End Result

mickey mouse waffle maker resultYour Mickey waffle will measure seven inches in diameter. That equals to almost 18 centimeters. Quite a big bite if you ask us and should feed those hungry tummy’s in no time! The machine itself does all the hard work for you and is not only user friendly but also easy to take care of. In fact the two plates will not stick to your meal and an indicating light will tell you when it’s ready for the next round. When positioned on it’s feet you can expect good stability because of the sticky materials that are attached to them. Don’t forget to add some powder, sugar or whatever you prefer and have a yummie moment!

Where to buy

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker


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