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Impressive Purple Microkini -


For That Perfect Tan!

The term microkini may not ring a bell to everyone at first. But keep in mind that it’s starting to become a word of speech these days. Furthermore it’s one of the most booming products when it comes to exclusive swimwear. In simple words it’s just a smaller (micro) version of the popular bikini, which only covers the intimate parts of the female body. Again, as with almost any gear out there, your choices start to become endless. We picked one that seems to be quite popular amongst previous buyers. It also receives high credits from both customers and fashion freaks. Go ahead and read all about it below or simply check it out and get an overview of all the available models.


About This Microkini Set

microkini back viewPurple as can be, this is absolutely going to look good on anyone who fancies to be a little different. Some call it on the edge, some call it modern. In the end it’s all about you. Times have changed and so has clothing. Let’s face it, tons of women walk around topless on the beach and THIS would somehow not fit in? Where’s the logic in that. Anyways, let’s talk facts: Distributed from the United States, the cute top and bottom are shipped together and are completely made from lycra. Lycra is a synthetic fiber which is famous for being so elastic. And that’s exactly what you want to make sure it will stay in place throughout the day. You can in fact adjust the top from the back, just like you’re maybe used to. The triangle shaped covers each measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and slide for personal adjustments. Because of all these characteristics this item is shipped in one size for all.


What do customers say?

Overall the word sexy has been mentioned on many different forums, together with a good fit. Often people seem to buy this microkini for tanning purposes. Some thought it would be impressive for a pool party they were planning to visit, or they just wanted to stand out from the crowd. A few men bought it for their wives to surprise them on their holiday. In the end the reason doesn’t really matter since satisfaction on the fit seems to be outstanding!


Any More Ideas?

tiny similar bikiniAbsolutely! There are a tonne of possibilities for everyone’s taste. But let us give you a good alternative. To stick with the purple, here is the closest look-alike that we ourselves could find. The tiny bikini on the right is made from 95% polyester and 5% cotton. Different fabric with different characteristics, however it still provides some stretch. The parts that conceal the nipples have a different shape. So if you don’t like the triangle, maybe you adore this one! You can get the exact same version in red, black, blue, pink, green and silver. The price is $12.05. You’ll come across it when you broaden your search on the seller’s page. So don’t worry. Also on youtube there are a couple of cool videos where people showcase their favorites. Our own team member Tamera can be watched by clicking here.

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