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Portable Minipresso -


Espresso Anywhere!

Do you recall that moment when you were sitting in front of your camping tent sipping that same old tasteless cup of coffee? Or maybe you are the more luxury person who enjoys the morning sun from a hotel balcony but room service is still sleeping? In those cases (and many more) you could be thinking about this portable minipresso. Take it with you the next time you go hiking or when you enjoy that well deserved holiday.


All In One

minipresso close upWhen fully assembled this mini espresso maker should fit almost any bag or suitcase and weighs only 360 grams. However, it does consist of six separate parts for easy operation. First there is the cup you will be drinking from. One of the compartments needs to be filled with coffee grinds and then screwed into the main unit. Finally add hot water to the reservoir, close the whole thing and get the action started. By continuously pressing a small pump on the side you’re just a few seconds away from believing you ordered this in a coffee house.



minipresso-in-actionAside from the compact design and the tasty result there are a couple of other good qualities to notice. It is fully operated by hand, which means no batteries or power cable at all! So prepare to even surprise your adventurous friends when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Squeezing your beverage out of the minipresso is done in only a matter of seconds and will fill the entire cup that you get with it. When reading some reviews people seem to be very pleased with this gadget. Customers who already own it for a decent period of time haven’t noticed any damage or other problems whatsoever.



espresso partsObviously you need to have some espresso grinds with you or else this will not work. Sure you can bring them along, but it will require a little space as well. Then there is the water issue. You must add hot water yourself which doesn’t just grow on trees. So bring water and find a way to heat it up. Making a camp fire could be a solution, but then again you need to have some kind of bowl or something else. Adding all these things to your backpack will finally take up quite a bit of room. Once you’re done with the first cup you need to take it partially apart, clean it and start the process over and over again. If you’re a group of 20 people then prepare to eventually get bored of the process, especially if they ask you for a second round!


Final Thoughts

Overall this is one absolutely amazing product to go get if you’re more of an occasional espresso lover. It will definitely bring the comfort of your home to almost any holiday location. But keep in mind that in order to use it you will still need to get your hands on a couple of things. The price is not that bad since this seems to be the best of it’s kind!

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