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Elegant Monokini -


Going To The Beach?

We thought it was about time to add the monokini to our website as a little change from all the electronic and geeky stuff. Besides that, fashion is one of the world’s leading industries and it keeps changing before we even notice. Now for anyone with good knowledge about beachwear it should be clear that the monokini by definition isn’t exactly what we are showing you here. However, throughout the years the term became a word of speech and started to cover more and more bikini lookalikes. The featured white product is just an example of what’s out there. At the bottom of this page we’ll give you some more inspiration.



The monokini was introduced in 1964 as a first step in topless swimwear. It consisted of a bottom that expanded over the belly and ended just below the breasts. To keep it in place a string was attached that ran around the neck. Because of all the critics this didn’t become a major hit on the beaches and only a few people eventually got one. Still the idea was pretty amazing so other brands started to copy the design and made some little adjustments to it. This all resulted in a whole lot of bikinis that refer to the original shape, but usually do cover the breasts. They can be categorized as being one-piece-swimsuits.


Details Of The One We Show You Here

monokini back viewWe picked this from a whole lot of similar products that are available. It’s a personal thing, just like with any piece of clothing. One of the pros is that it consists of 20% spandex which makes it a little elastic but not too much. We always prefer these kinds of materials because it can be really hard to find the perfect size. Now this particular one is available in a small, a medium and a large version. If you combine the two then you should experience a perfect fit and enjoy it to the fullest. The back is almost fully open as you can see from the picture on the right. The twin-straps that run over each shoulder add a little bit of elegancy. A few colors here and there absolutely contribute to a fresh and young appearance.



black monokini


Final Thoughts

We hope by now you understand the meaning of the monokini, and maybe found out for yourself if you would like to try it on. It’s a sexy but accepted way to express yourself on your next holiday. Compared to the microkini for example, you are definitely not showing too much of your breasts and still be able to look absolutely stunning. Below we show you some more that you’ll come across when checking out our example.

white one piece bathing suitcolorful monokiniblack alternative

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