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High Performance Mosquito Trap -

Mosquito Trap

Avoid Those Nasty Bites!

Having mosquitoes in your back yard or even living room can be a big mood breaker. Especially for those of us that live close to a river or lake where these insects seem to repopulate extremely rapidly. We all know the lemon candles that promise to help us out, and we’ve all tried them before, but do they really solve the problem? Maybe in some cases. But definitely not always! That’s why we did some research to find out if there is a good mosquito trap out there that leaves nothing to the test.


Trap versus Zapper

mosquito trap in actionMaybe the mosquito trap isn’t something we all heard of before. But the well known bug zapper should ring a bell, right? These are usually sold in the shape of a lantern and come with a bright greenish light to attract your flying pests. Once any insect enters you will hear that typical zapping noise. You can read all about them on this website. But for now let’s stick with the trap instead. The main difference is that it won’t make a sound! Think about it: Let’s say you’re enjoying a relaxed and quiet moment on your porch. Would you want those loud electric shocks disturbing you minute after minute? We guess not. So seriously, give the mosquito trap a good thought before you just buy any discount product. One big advantage of the one we show you here is that it releases CO2. Mosquitoes are attracted to us humans because we exhale CO2 when breathing. That’s why they always seem to find us in the first place. Having a trap that pretends to be a human being is just insanely effective! The mechanism to finally kill comes from a fan which sucks those basterds right in and leaves them to dehydrate. So even from a small distance you won’t hear a thing.


Final thoughts about the mosquito trap

Keep in mind that this product also comes with a built in UV light. This contributes to even better results. The bulb can easily be replaced for a new one. It’s meant to be used outdoors for gardens up to 300 square feet. In case you need something indoors then check out this item instead. The small size and low weight allows you to easily take it on a camping trip or any other holiday.



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Mosquito Trap


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