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Night Vision Goggles -


Night Vision Goggles

Spy In The Dark

Whether it’s for fun, for spying or a paintball game in the dark, this tool will let you see your surroundings by infrared technology. It’s one of the more advanced night vision sets if you would be looking in this price category. Both quality and design are well worth the purchase but please understand that it’s not the one they use in the army. Those will cost you thousands of bucks if we must believe the experts. However, for a semi-professional expedition you would definitely love these ones!


Some Basic Features

infrared gogglesThe unit comes with a head positioner but some prefer to hold it by hand. According to other customers it fits very comfortably and since it doesn’t weigh that much (250 grams) it’s not really disturbing. The lens itself is adjustable so you can pull it down for vision or flip it back up if you’re not using it at the moment. You will need one CR-123 3 Volt battery which will provide about twelve hours of spying. But you can switch it off to save energy.


What To Expect

nv gogglesSurvival can sometimes be under heavy weather conditions. That’s why these goggles are water resistant like for example on a rainy day. Just make sure to not use it underwater. For perfect operation keep in mind that temperatures between minus 30 and plus 45 degrees Celsius are advised. When the battery runs low you’ll be noticed by an indicating light. When reading some of the reviews we can tell that it works perfect for distances up to fifty feet. Some even say this is more.

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Night Vision Goggles


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