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Soft Ostrich Pillow -

Ostrich Pillow

For A Perfect Power Nap

Unfortunately we aren’t always in a situation where we can stick our heads into the ground to enjoy a short nap. But with the ostrich pillow things are about to change! During a hard day of work, half an hour of sleep can really make the difference to keep things productive. And besides that, most of us do have a break at our jobs anyways. Or how about using it for traveling or a camping trip? If interested we’ll have a short description of this product below.


The Ostrich Pillow In More Detail

ostrich pillow sleepLet’s first take a closer look at it’s function. One way to distract yourself from your surroundings is to just pull the pillow over your head and find a comfortable position to relax. For instance, if you have to wait at the airport you sometimes come across those lounge chairs. Or you could also just use the sofa in your living room. A little less comfortable are situations where you have no couch like maybe at you office. If all you have is a desk you could take more advantage of this item by entering both of your hands into the openings at the side. Lean your head on the softest spots of your hands and fall asleep in peace. There is a hole for breathing fresh air by the way. Because daylight is blocked there’s a good chance you will start to love these moments of dreaming away.



ostrich pillow airportThe soft ostrich pillow is somewhat grayish on the outside and blueish on the inside. It measures 90 by 36 by 9 centimeters, but it will stretch and adjust once you put it on. Because of the synthetic fillers it’s total weight is 400 grams. Even though we are inspired by this product, keep in mind that it will take up quite some space in your luggage. Most backpacks will do but there won’t be a lot of space left for books or whatever you prefer to carry around with you. Clean it dry and keep it away from cigarettes or anything else that burns. Also avoid to make it wet.


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Ostrich Pillow


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