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Start Your Own Band Now!

Ever wanted to play a musical instrument without the hassle of taking classes for it? In that case the Otamatone could be just your perfect solution. Some call it funny, some call it geeky, but we call it brilliant! It’s the easiest and fastest way to become a serious musician. It may not be a big surprise that this gadget was invented in Japan. So let’s be very careful before we judge it. It’s note shape makes it look like a toy, but it’s definitely more than that. In fact you’ll be impressed of what this thing can do! Depending on your expectations and goals, you can go ahead and play your first song in a matter of minutes. If however you aim higher then be inspired by the guy in the video below.


What It’s All About

otamatone packageSo how does it work? Well it’s pretty simple. After you inserted the batteries (three AA which are included) you simply switch it on with a button on the back. Then set your volume. You have three octaves to choose from but don’t worry about that in the beginning. What you will need to experience is which sound appears when you touch the slider. And with the slider we mean the neck of the device. This neck is sensitive to your touch, so wherever you touch it a specific sound will be produced. To make this sound come out of the Otamatone you need to squeeze it’s cheeks on each side. Watch the video to fully get this, but hey it’s so easy! Depending on how long you hold the cheeks together that will determine how long the sound will stay active. You can compare it to a guitar in a way. One hand will set the tone, the other one activates it. Move or slide and squeeze the cheeks and be amazed!



Below we show you a video of someone who has been practicing for a long time already. But almost anyone should be able to do this if you have a little patience. This person has a lot of similar video’s on his channel and if you are interested you can go there by clicking here.

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