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The Coolest Partylight -


It’s A Celebration!

Ever thrown a party when at a sudden you wished you had a swinging dance floor? You may have tried to change your furniture, put on some candles or maybe even plugged in some colorful lights. But what about getting this partylight? Simply exchange any ceiling light bulb with this one and you are ready to get that party started! Your guests will adore the crazy light show that will be running in your own living room. And even better, it reacts to your audio so there’s no need to operate this thing in any way. For less than 10 bucks this little gadget is definitely worth it’s price and will last for years to come.


partylight bulbpartylight in actionThe partylight fits any E27 bulb socket so there’s a really big chance this will work for you too. No matter which song you are playing, you’re guaranteed to have a matching visual performance going on. Green, red and blue colors will be emitted across the room and appear all over the place. Since the bottom of this light rotates you’ll also get that typical disco ball effect that we’re all familiar with. Brings back memories doesn’t it? For kids this would be a fun way to celebrate their birthday without you going through all the trouble of connecting the pieces together. Besides that it’s just a matter of seconds to get your original light running again. The party bulb itself lasts for about 20.000 hours and measures 16 x 7 x 7 cm. It’s 3 Watt LED properties promise low energy consumptions and it emits zero UV light. One of the best sellers in this category so make sure to go check it out. It’s time to turn your house upside down!

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