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Detailed Penguin Mask -

Penguin Mask

Everybody Loves Penguins!

With their typical shaky walk and their ability to make us laugh, penguins are definitely fun to watch. Kids often can’t wait to give them a visit at the zoo, and the internet is stuffed with funny pictures and videos of them. For anyone who is in search of a cool and appealing mask maybe this could be it! You could even decide to get the full costume which we show you further down below. Let’s first stick with the mask and give you some of the most important facts.



The Penguin Mask Specifications

penguin mask in detailYou must know that this is a latex product. So anyone with allergies to the material should probably avoid this one and check out the other possibilities (you’ll come across them don’t worry). When doing some research we found out that it provides a perfect fit for adults. You see, the item comes in one size for all unfortunately. The seller states that it can also be worn by teenagers, but be a little careful with that. Sure, if your kid is already in late puberty it will probably be allright. But don’t expect it to be comfortable for the younger teens. It does allow you to look through. Measurements are 16 by 13 by 13 inches and it weighs approximately 12 ounces.


Need A Whole Costume?

If just the mask is not enough for you then how about going even bigger? Check out these geeky light weight suits! They are available for both kids and grown-ups and cost you somewhere between 20 and 80 bucks. It all depends on the size and which version you like the best. The foot covers are included by the way. Great idea for a party or bachelor weekend!

penguin mask and costumepenguin party


Don’t Forget Your Dog!

dog penguin costumeIf you want to take things to it’s limits then here is something for dog owners. Obviously a mask will not do the trick but a whole outfit should stay on for quite a while. Imagine the face of your neighbors when they see you and your family taking a walk outside as one happy penguin family. You get to choose between a small, medium or large and it’s made from polyester. Prices start at $15.99.


Final Thoughts

To go back to the penguin mask, we absolutely love them and they are available in different models. The one we talked about above however is our personal favorite and comes with realistic details. There are a couple of resellers that have the exact same mask on sale which will be shown to you before you order anything. Make sure you compare prices as they seem to change all the time. Recently we even found one for $16.99.

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Penguin Mask


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