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Pink Yeti Cooler

Pink Yeti Cooler

Beverage Temperature Miracle

From time to time it can be extremely handy to take your drink with you on the go. This could be when driving to work, taking the subway for a meeting, or maybe even a hiking trip that will last an entire day. Enjoying a cold cup of Coke or a hot cup of coffee can really make things a whole lot easier and add some pleasure to the situation. The thing is that most of the coolers or warmers will last for an hour or two before they eventually will stop working. However this is not the case with this pink yeti cooler. And just to be clear, they are available in other colors as well. This gadget will maintain a hot inside temperature for about 12 hours and a cool temperature for approximately 24 hours. Now that’s power!


The Cooler Itself

pink yeti cooler lidThe body is made from double walled stainless steel. For those who aren’t familiar with this material we can say that it is definitely worth a serious thought. Under normal circumstances it will not corrode or rust when being in contact with water. So that’s a big thumbs up! The lid on top can be removed and is about 1,5 inches thick. Because it is translucent you can look straight through to check how much of your drink is left. In case you are planning to keep this cooler in a bag or backpack then there’s no need to worry about possible condensation. It will not happen and all the other stuff will definitely not get wet. It can carry 20 oz (US fluid ounces) which is two thirds of a liter.



yeti cooler alternativeWe watched quite an amount of youtube movies to find out if this unit does what the manufacturer promises. And we have to admit that it works just great. People have been testing it over and over again, so if you feel like it just do a search there yourself. Some placed a couple of ice cubes in the Yeti and they were still there after 24 hours. Off course they shrunk in size, but hey that’s really awesome. One person even found some icy remains after 28 hours! It all depends on the outside temperature. Shadow or direct sunlight will obviously also affect the outcome. Like we mentioned earlier, you can choose another color if you wish. Here’s the blue one that we picked from the collection. But there’s more like for example the metallic, the brown and the turquoise version.


Pros And Cons

In our opinion this is one awesome piece of equipment for the traveling man or woman. Based on a lot of reviews we can conclude that this will keep liquids cold or warm over a very decent period of time. We talked about the USB fridge a while ago which seems to also do it’s job pretty well, however you will always need a power source. With this one you won’t! One of the downsides is the size. You usually don’t bring 0.7 liters of coffee with you (at least we don’t). Also, a can of soda has a way smaller volume, so think about those facts before buying this item. The price is not what we call cheap but we understand that high quality equals to some serious bucks. For a holiday or camping trip this should be perfect. For hiking we would advise you to also take a look at the hydro flask. It’s easier to carry and also way cheaper!

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Pink Yeti Cooler


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