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Realistic Pocahontas Costume -

Pocahontas Costume

Transform Into A Native American

Who hasn’t at least heard of the movie Pocahontas? We guess most of us have. Based on it’s huge succes by the producers of Walt Disney we couldn’t resist to have the Pocahontas costume on our website. We’re sure some of you just have been looking for it all along or may know someone who’s a real geek for this kind of stuff. Not only would it be funny to wear as a halloween costume, you could also surprise your daughter big time with this hidden under the christmas tree. Kids love to dress, and parents enjoy the entertainment it brings along.


About The Pocahontas Costume

Doing an online search will prove to you that there are dozens of different costumes to choose from. So we decided to give it some serious thought and not only read some of the reviews but also understand which one is worth it’s price. The one here has the advantage that it is made from polyester which contributes to a good quality and stable colors over time. Also accessories like the belt and headband are included in this set. It would be a shame if you only got the costume and then needed to go find some matching attributes. Designed and shipped by Leg Avenue this definitely is a serious piece of clothing that will not disappoint your kid. Besides that it is an official product from the Disney merchandise store. Together with the detailed appearance you should go check it out and read more to find out if it meets your personal demands. One thing that we ourselves see as a big plus is the ability to choose a size. Many costumes come for either kids or grown ups, but how about anyone in between? There is a model that will fit the small and medium bodies, and one that is made for anyone ranging from medium to large. Pay attention to wash by hand and never in your washing machine!


Matching Shoes

pocahontas costume shoesYou may already have some boots to go along with this pocahontas costume, but maybe you don’t and you need some help with that. We found the ones that are shown in our featured image and they are for sale as well. Again, you can select your size and prices therefore vary between 28 and 53 bucks. Once you follow our link to Amazon you will come across them automatically. They are made from microfiber and seem to run out of stock pretty quickly. Also for this product you’ll be impressed by how many alternatives there are. So just do your own research and try to read as much as you can before you decide to order. As a final note: If you have no clue what this whole hype is about you can watch the 1995 movie trailer here.

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Pocahontas Costume


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