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Impressive Polar Bear Costume -

Polar Bear Costume

King Of The Party!

Looking for a funny and impressive outfit to steal the show at your next party? Maybe this polar bear costume is exactly what you need. Even though it’s not the cheapest one around, this is well worth it’s price when we take a closer look at the quality and specifications. The head can be attached and taken off easily and allows one-way vision through the eyes. So you don’t miss a thing! Your hands will be furry on the outside whilst on the inside you experience a normal touch to hold your drink. Cool huh? One awesome costume that must result in a lot of hugging, cuddling, and extraordinary selfies. We give it a big thumbs up!


Polar Bear Costume Details

First of all it’s made from a hundred percent polyester. Whenever it gets dirty you can wash it by hand. Avoid your washing machine. The regular size is made for slim and ‘normal’ sized people, but there are lots of choices and sizes when we take a look at all the related products. There even are some cool ones for the kids. But this one in particular has a length of 58.5 inches from neck to ankle. Shoe coverage and gloves come with this product. They are supported by an elastic fit to make sure they stay properly attached. The see through eyes are just a perfect finishing touch as you see everyone, but they can’t see you. Feel free to read more from the link below.

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Polar Bear Costume


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