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Powerup 3.0 - Gadgets Monster

Powerup 3.0

The Radio Controlled Paper Airplane

Ever folded a paper airplane? We guess you have. Maybe you even are an experienced plane folder or who knows you just did it for the first time in your life. With the Powerup 3.0 it doesn’t matter if you have any understanding of planes at all. And the best part is that it comes with a kit to transform it into a radio controlled toy! Simply fold from the instructions and you are almost ready for your first flight. Attaching the electronic box is as simple as abc. Download the app (Apple or Android) and open the pilot screen on your mobile phone. Moving your phone is the only thing you need to do for that sweet awesome flight.


How Does It Work?

powerup appThis gadget works through bluetooth. With the downloadable app you’ll be able to have it in control over a distance of 180 feet (or 55 meters). And don’t worry if your first few sessions end up in a major disaster! The Powerup 3.0 can handle a crash and you’ll even get some extra parts just in case you still manage to break it somehow. You can easily charge it through the micro USB slot. The display of the app will show the actual state of it’s remaining power. The only thing you need to do is tilt your mobile phone left, right, forward or backward and your paper airplane will follow those commands. One tip is to not use it on a very windy day as the engine is not strong enough to handle that.


More Info

paper airplane chargeBattery is included and so is the paper to make sure you can immediately start to enjoy the fun! It’s a good and exciting way to introduce your kids to the world of air traveling. But who knows you just want to own one yourself and take it for a trip around your garden on a lazy sunday evening. Some people even take it to the next level by inventing their own paper aircraft, after which they add these same electronics. Who knows how far you will go after you have tasted the addiction of being a pilot!


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Powerup 3.0


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