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Lovely R2D2 Dress -

R2D2 Dress

R2D2 Dress!

So finally an awesome gadget for the ladies: The R2D2 Dress! When searching for some Star Wars outfits we came across dozens of products to choose from. And you can bet your ass that we will be adding a couple of them to our website sooner or later. R2D2 most definitely is one of the cutest and most impressive droids out there. So why not show your love towards him with this typical blue-white dress? Sure it would look good on some of the guys, but let’s stick with the idea that you’re a woman and want to express your passion for a galaxy far, far away. This could also work as a fun and geeky Christmas present for your wife or girlfriend. Whatever the reason, just pick a size and have it shipped to your front door!


Wanna know more?

r2d2 dress in detailIt’ no surprise that this item receives really good customer reviews. Yeah, we took that into matter before telling you all about it. What people like best seems to be the sizing and the materials used. The R2D2 Dress is made from cotton and spandex. This provides an easy and adaptive fit for everyone! You can choose a size that you think will suit you best, ranging from small to extra-extra-large. When going through more reviews we found out that you should order this dress one size smaller than you would normally do. So, if you usually buy large, then in this case stick with the medium. Because of the stretch properties there’s no more excuse why this shouldn’t look good on you! Make sure you wash it with cold water. This will keep the material soft and also prevent shrinkage.


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R2D2 Dress


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