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Realistic R2D2 Trash Can -


R2D2 Trash Can

Bleep Bleep Your Trash

Now even though Star Wars sounds familiar to most of us, maybe some of you aren’t familiar with this whole hype. But that is perfectly fine since your main goal could be to just get this R2D2 trash can and leave the rest to the fans. Or maybe you are a huge fan and can’t wait to own this product yourself. It is definitely cool enough to have and it would look good in your office or kitchen. Let’s face it, R2D2 must be the sweetest and most impressive droid ever invented. So let’s take a closer look and tell you what this robot bin is all about.


Details Of The R2D2 Trash Can

r2d2 trash can openLet’s first mention here that you have two main choices at you knees. One is the R2D2 replica that serves as a trans can. The other one is a typical bin that consists of an R2D2 print. In our opinion the illustrated picture we show you above is the greatest choice, however it comes with a fine price. It’s about 60 centimeters high with a diameter of around 40 centimeters. The middle foot serves for opening the bin. Just be amazed by how detailed this R2D2 trash can is. It should by all means transform your room into a more intergalactic place to be. And just imagine what your friends would say when they come across this little fellow. Inside you’ll find a removable basket for easy cleaning.


The Alternative

r2d2 trash can alternativeIf you don’t feel like spending almost 250 bucks you have a cheaper way of going around this. And, off course, it looks a little simpler. But who cares if it would do the trick for now. Birthday presents don’t always need to be expensive and a true fan would appreciate this big time. It is made from plastic and measures 9 x 9 x 14 inches. This one doesn’t come with an internal bucket for emptying. Just make sure it is cleaned by hand once in a while. A great and funny toy for any geek out there that will cost you just below 20 dollars. What’s not to like? You can check out this item from the sellers page by entering “R2D2 trash can” into the search field. Or you’ll have it popping up somewhere on your screen as this gets 4 out of 5 stars from buyer reviews.

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