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Red Retro Toaster -

Retro Toaster

Back to the 50’s!

When it comes to design and elegancy we cannot underestimate the power of Italy. And that’s where this De’Longhi retro toaster comes from. It’s bright red appearance together with the vintage control panel makes it one of a kind! Furthermore, this gadget is equipped with a lot of user-friendly characteristics like different temperature settings and easy cleaning. Also small slices of bread are no problem with this toaster as the expanded lift takes care of that. A spectacular addition to almost any kitchen!



Retro Toaster Info

retro toaster control panelAs you can see from the picture on the right there are four control buttons. They allow defrosting, reheating, 1-sided bagel and cancellation. It’s as easy as that! Once you selected your program a light will pop up to confirm your choice. On the left side you can set the browning process which is indicated on a display. This is adjustable on a scale from one to six. Once in a while you should clean your retro toaster which is done by removing the tray that sits at the bottom. Just simply take it out, clean it and put it back in. To ensure the toaster stays in place the manufacturer added slip preventing feet where it rests on. This also makes sure your table doesn’t get any scratches or other damages.



retro toaster removable trayMeasurements of this product are 8.07 by 12.6 by 7.28 inches. It’s made of steel with chrome details. When ordering you’ll get the toaster itself, a manual and off course the removable tray. It sells for just over 63 bucks which isn’t exactly cheap. But hey, it’s well worth it’s price if you want to add that special effect to your home decor. Bring back the 50’s while you enjoy your breakfast or lunch!

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