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Chocolate Scooby Doo Shirt -

Scooby Doo Shirt

Hmmmm Scooby Snacks

Most of us must have heard of the famous tv show Scooby Doo. Especially if you have kids. They may even put their alarm to not miss the newest mystery solving episodes of this funny dog. One of his best friends is called Shaggy. And his favorite food are scooby snacks. With his large tongue out he definitely plays a fantastic character with some real crazy thoughts. Whenever he joins his friends in a new adventure, he somehow seems to have a nose to spot ghosts, pirates or whatever they are after. Tough as he wants to be, from the inside he has fears running through his whole body. All of this adds up to a pretty good imitation of what humans think and do.


The T-Shirt

brown scooby t shirtFrom the above it must be quite obvious that this dog is a child’s best friend. Sure, he is fictional, but that doesn’t stop your kid from relating to him in one way or the other. Giving him or her a shirt with a print of this cute fellow must be a first class treat! Something they would never expect and will wear over and over again. It’s made from cotton and can be washed in your washing machine. The details on the front are just marvelous! One very big pro is the possibility to select a size. This way no kid is left behind. And remember: If the older brother gets one then the younger one must not be forgotten. Or else you will end up ordering an extra shirt anyways which will result in additional shipping costs. If you can relate to this situation then here is some good news. You can select two different colors, which are chocolate and dark brown. The chocolate is featured at the top, the brown one is displayed here. They are almost similar but a minor difference can be a good thing. Depending on the size you will be paying somewhere between $4.90 and $ 11.99. Go and read more about this geeky item it if you wish.

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Scooby Doo Shirt


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