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Self Tying Water Balloons -

Self Tying Water Balloons

1 Minute Ammunition!

For everyone with kids it is no surprise that during summer there could be some water balloons flying around. And for some reason or the other the parents seem to become a victim sooner or later. Sure, children don’t really seem to mind that they are spending hour after hour preparing these bombs, simply because they are patient. But how would you feel about taking revenge with let’s say a hundred balloons? You could really show who’s the boss! Sure we get it, you don’t feel like spending a couple of hours filling all of them separately, and the good thing is you don’t have to. Because these balloons are filled with a water hose in just a minute, after which they are ready for immediate action.


The Product Itself

self tying water balloons in bucketThis set of self tying water balloons consists of a hundred units that will turn into ready to use flying weapons. They are bundled into 30-35 pieces each and come in different colors. Every single balloon has a small canal attached to it. These canals are connected together in an attachment screw that can be connected to a hose. What you do is simply let the water come through, see the balloons fill up, and once they weigh enough they’ll fall down by themselves. Therefore we advise you to have some kind of bowl (preferably filled with water) for a save landing. Once they are released a self sealing “super elastic” will close the opening to avoid leakage. Just grab, throw and prepare for a good laugh. The whole process will only take you a minute!


Stuff To Keep In Mind

self tying water balloons in actionTo take care of our planet these balloons are both biodegradable and recyclable. Water won’t harm anybody, but still it’s not always a thing to give a “warm” welcome. Luckily some kids have already found out that they should leave their parents at ease on that lazy sunday afternoon. Therefore you could decide to get this gadget just for them so they can beat the neighbor kids without a lot of work. They will definitely reward you for that when they return at the kitchen table after a long battle. Just over 11 bucks may seem like a lot of money for just a funny adventure, but fun can sometimes be priceless. This could also work as a cool birthday present or as a surprise when you want to keep your kids entertained on your next camping trip.



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Self Tying Water Balloons


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