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Sharky Tea Infuser -

Sharky Tea Infuser

Tea Attack!

Don’t we all enjoy a hot cup of tea once in a while? For some it’s the first thing to drink in the early morning, others prefer to have it throughout the day. But is it really fun? We guess sometimes, but often it’s just a moment of relaxation or a small distraction from work. So why not spice things up a little? Let this shark fin turn your beverage into a scary ocean while it releases your favorite flavors. Kids will love this big time and probably ask you for another cup once they are done. Especially if you fill this infuser with red loose tea. It will become a bloodbath! Do you still dare to drink yours?


Facts And Info

sharky tea infuser openSharky is a silicone grey fin. It’s size is about 1.75 by 2 by 2.2 inches. Therefore it will most likely fit into most of the mugs out there. Underneath it holds the stainless steel container for your tea. Stainless steel will not corrode or rust and is easy to clean. You can take it out of the fin for easy filling and put it back together. Preferably you would be drinking from a glass cup that will let you have a closer look at the ongoing action. Get one for each member of the family and prepare for some humor during your break of the day. Or, if you serve in big cans a single one will do the trick as well.


Random Thoughts

snarky-tea-infuser-packageBesides liking this product a whole lot, it’s also great as a present. It comes in a nice and compact package that immediately illustrates the gadget and it’s purpose. Almost 15 bucks however isn’t really cheap for a tea infuser. But we guess it’s partially because the materials used will stand the test of time. So you’ll be able to use it for years to come. It’s small enough to easily store in your kitchen and bring back to life whenever you long for that funny moment. There is another quite similar item available that comes as a full shark and hangs on the edge of your cup. Watch the picture below to get the idea or feel free to read more about that one if you like it better. You’ll come across it anyways before you place any order, so don’t worry about that.


The Alternative

sharky tea infuser alternativeLike we said, here’s another option to choose from. Maybe it tickles your fancy a little more. Besides the shape it differs in a few ways. The whole body is made from soft silicone rubber and the tail can be removed for inserting your tea. Also, it is slightly bigger. It measures 3.2 by 3.4 inches which may take too much space for some of us. But yes, it’s pretty awesome as well. A huge difference is the price. This one will cost you just over 3 bucks! So that may be a reason to go and get this one. It wil be displayed somewhere on the same page as the floating fin we talked about in the section above.

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Sharky Tea Infuser


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