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The Skatecycle -



Move In Style!

More often we come across people making videos about their new skatecycle. Just do a quick search on youtube and you’ll find thousands of people showing off their skills and tricks. So it’s no wonder we had to add it to our site and tell you all about it. If we must believe what people are saying then it looks more difficult to ride than it actually is. Give it some practice for a couple of hours and you’ll be able to ride it through the streets. Your feeling towards the cycle will improve by itself and before you know it you can take it to your local skate park.


Characteristics of the skatecycle

skatecycle whiteIt’s overall length is 76 centimeters and consists of a front and back wheel. The connector between them has two rotating arms for speeding and steering. You position both of your feet inside the circular openings and adjust the foot angle for you comfort. The skatecycle has a maximum width of 23 centimeters so your feet are well supported. You can get the black edition or you could go for the color white. For easy transportation you can carry it around your shoulders. The seller gives the advise to use it from ages 18 and up. So keep in mind that this gadget is not something small or young kids will get a grip on. You at least need some body weight and power in your legs. One good tip to start is to search for some tutorials online where people explain how to drive this thing. It will save you a lot of time and maybe even some crashes.

Is it worth the price?

If we reed some reviews on this model then we can conclude that the true skaters adore it. But there are lots of other manufacturers and resellers out there. So don’t hesitate to check for yourself if this is the one you need. The price is not low but in the end the skatecycle seems to be an expensive toy. There are some cheaper ones out there but still they will cost you about 150 bucks. You’ll come across them anyways if you decide to check it out. We’re just here to give you a good start in your online search. For some inspiration take a look at the video below. Now this is what we call sports.

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