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Smartphone Lens -

Smartphone Lens

Three-In-One Camera Action

Let’s assume that most of us own a smartphone these days. We use them to stay in touch with the whole world and download all kinds of apps to make that even easier. But we guess a majority also enjoys to make some pictures with it every now and then. Especially if you didn’t bring your camera and you’re running into a funny or spectacular moment that you need to capture. We have to admit that these pictures can be really great. The quality is just outstanding if you consider the size of your phone. But wouldn’t it be great if we could improve these photos? With this set you’ll get three lenses for any situation.



smartphone lenses explainedThe Lenses


Fisheye Lens

With the fisheye lens you’ll increase the angle of your shot to 180 degrees.

Wide Angle Lens

With the wide angle lens you’ll have a 140 degree angle and a magnification of 0.4x.

Macro Lens

With the macro lens you’ll have a 10x magnification.




The HD lenses are compatible with a lot of phones: iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6plus, Samsung Galaxy, and even others.


Easy Installation

You simply clip the lens holder onto your smartphone and you’re done. Pick your lens of choice and get ready for the action. The macro and fisheye lens come as an attached set. In order to only use the macro lens you need to take away the fisheye lens.

smartphone lenses close up

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Smartphone Lens


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