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Snowskate -


The Winter Skateboard

Going on winter sports isn’t something we all do. It definitely is a cool holiday that allows both activity and relaxation. But some of us just don’t feel like going through all the troubles of packing, traveling and waiting for the ski lifts to arrive. Instead, some of us just spend the entire winter season at home which in fact doesn’t immediately mean less fun. Especially for kids building a snowman could be just the perfect entertainment they wish for. But how about the older kids? They may get bored from time to time as throwing snowballs isn’t exactly what they are hoping for. So how about being able to bring that off-piste feeling straight to your back yard? That’s why we like to introduce the snowskate.


Notice: This Gadget Is A Set Of Four Mini Skis!

snowskate skisJust to be clear, your child needs to have a skateboard or borrow one from your neighbors for this to work. The small skis will replace the wheels after which you can rock and roll wherever you find some snow. It’s a really simple procedure which almost anyone can do by themselves. A few minutes and you are done! The mechanics allow them to bend so you could glide downhill or even ride a skate ramp. Pay attention that the person on top of the snowskate must meet certain weight requirement to take the best out of this thing. The manufacturer advises the skis for anyone who weighs at least 44 pounds and preferably not more than 140 pounds. In kilograms that would be a range of 20 up to 64.



snow skateboardEven though the product speaks for itself, we can say that this is one fantastic toy for kids who outgrew the snow shoveling phase. If they are already riding their boards throughout the year then even better! They’ll get this stuff under control in just very short moments. However for kids who are still young or weigh less than the advised minimum this probably isn’t the best idea. The price of 35 bucks is reasonable if you consider that this is an official Railz product. It will therefore also work on all the Railz street and snow scooters.

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