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Spiralizer With Three Blades -


One Easy Vegetable Slicer!

This must be one great gadget for both newbie cooks and the more experienced chefs. No matter how much time you spend in your kitchen, maybe it’s time to spice things up a little. Serving your guests can be both fun and greatly rewarded, so why not put the dots on the “i”? If we say that with only limited effort you could turn your plate into a masterpiece, would you be up for that? If this is the case then continue reading as we will be giving you all the details of this spiralizer. From now on crispy potato spirals or even cucumber ribbons could become reality for anyone!


What’s In The Box?

spiralizer demonstrationFirst there is the unit itself. It’s built from high quality plastic and stands on it’s four feet. Each foot is equipped with a vacuum stand to allow stabilization on your kitchen table. The rotating arm stands on top which you need to operate yourself. In other words, batteries or any other power source are not required. On the front you’ll see the blade which is responsive for the end result. What we like best about this product is that you’ll get three different blades with it. You can insert the one you like best and change it at any desired moment. Be creative and don’t just do the same thing over and over again. You could even go for the Pro version, which is exactly the same item but comes with four blades. You’ll see it on the sellers page, but let’s stick with the standard version. Finally there’s a one year warranty included.


The Blades

spiralizer bladesLike we mentioned you will have three blades delivered with this spiralizer. The first one is referred to as the shredder. It is the smallest of the set and produces long but thin spaghetti shaped spirals. Then there is the medium option that is also called the chipper. It’s similar to the shredder but your foods will be just a little thicker (half a centimeter). Last but not least you could insert the flat blade which will generate ribbons (like you would prefer with maybe a cucumber). Whatever you do, there’s a little chamber in the base of the device that allows you to store two of these inserts.


What You Should Keep In Mind

The fruits or vegetables you will use must be at least one half inch in diameter for this to work. Often sizes are bigger so there’s a good chance you don’t have to worry about this. Just keep in mind that foods up to ten inches in length and seven inches in thickness are about the maximum. Maybe you need to cut them in pieces like you probably will with a melon. You can easily detach the basic parts for cleaning or storage. Both hand wash (warm water) or a dishwasher will work. Pay attention to not touch the sharp edges and keep them away from children.

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