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Spy Earpiece -

Spy Earpiece

Have A Top Secret Mobile Conversation

This is a very simple way to become that secret agent you’ve always wanted to be. Listening to your buddy without anybody noticing has never been easier since the invention of this spy earpiece. You can even talk back if the situation allows you to since this gadget comes with a small microphone. The whole set can be connected to almost any cellular phone and is on sale for only $19.44!


Here are the details

spy earpieceThis being said you are probably wondering what it is all about. What you’ll get is a control board which you need to connect to your phone. It requires two 9 Volt batteries which aren’t included. After this you just need to do three things: Connect the microphone (which is attached to the board) somewhere close to your mouth but keep it out of sight. The second thing you do is put the loop set around your head (so it’s running over your shoulders and stays under your shirt). See the pictures below to fully get it. Last but not least you need to put the wireless earpiece in your ear canal. The spy earpiece hasn’t got a battery inside and gets it’s power from the loop. Now call your friend and secretly stay in touch!


secret earpiecespy ear


A little more information on the earpiece

To use it tilt your head and simply let it fall inside the upper ear. The first time you do this it may seem a little scary as we’re not really used to stuff thing in our ears. But you’ll get used to it eventually. To take it out you tilt your head again so the spy earpiece faces down. Most of the time it will fall out by itself. If it doesn’t you’ll get a small magnet when ordering this item to make sure it will come out. For more spy gadgets click here.



Where to buy

Spy Earpiece


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