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Spy Sunglasses -

Spy Sunglasses

Watch Your Back!

Maybe spy isn’t the best term to describe these sunglasses. Although you do get to check out what’s happening behind you without turning your head in any way. Just put them on and you’ll be in control of everything that happens in your front and back. Funny to for instance use at the beach or at a party. Maybe there is a man or woman you don’t want to stalk in an obvious way, or maybe you just want to check what your partner is up to without looking jealous. Whatever the reason, with these spy sunglasses you are about to be in full control of your surroundings.



Some More Details

spy sunglasses illustrationWe guess by now you got an idea of what this product is all about. It doesn’t require a lot of explaining and the reasons to put them on are almost limitless. We compared a couple of similar items, but for the price and quality you could decide to give this a serious thought. We took into account that the design must be at least trendy and that they don’t have that typical cheap look. So even though the fabric is plastic, you can be sure that a lot of people won’t even notice that in the first place. Not only is it meant for funny moments, there are several more serious circumstances when this could be of good help. For instance with cycling. Still a majority seems to just fool around with it and spy on their neighbors or relatives. Some were even close to becoming a magician or won every single game of hide and seek.


Spy Sunglasses Tips

First of all be sure to store them safe in the included case. That way they won’t break easily. Even though they come with a fingerprint protection layer it is always good to avoid touching the lenses directly. Especially if you wear sunscreen. For people with long hair it is advised to keep them out of your sight because the glasses may not work that well. A knot could be a good solution. To bring the spy effect to it’s limits you can close one of your eyes so the other one gets a better glimpse at the situation.

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Spy Sunglasses


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