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The Hidden Light Bulb Camera

Awesome spy gadget for anyone who suspects unusual things happening in the house. It could be your girlfriend cheating on you, it could be your kid throwing a secret party, or maybe you just want to keep an eye on your new car. With this spylight you are able to monitor all these things from any distance. The only thing you need is a wifi connection and a smartphone or tablet. You will be able to stream in real life what’s going on, and if you miss anything it will still be stored on the integrated SD card. What an awesome gadget to have!


spylight exampleThe first thing to point out is that you can’t keep an eye on your phone all day long. And besides that, the micro SD card can’t store weeks of spy recordings. That’s why this bulb will start it’s activity once it detects motion. Cool huh? You will be notified on your phone that something is happening and at the same time the memory card will save the same data. Second thing you may be wondering about is what happens at night when it’s dark. Well, this spylight is also equipped with night vision to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Setting it up is extremely easy. It fits in a regular E26/E27 lamp socket so no extra cables are required. If you wish you can get an addition socket extender but that’s just a luxury.


spylight explainedFrom the outside this looks just like any ordinary lamp. You can actually use it as a light source. And that’s a good thing as you don’t want people to suspect anything uncommon. Even a remote control is included to switch the light on and off. As shown in the picture the product consists of one lamp, one camera and two infrared lights. All adding up to high quality video’s, even when it’s dark. You need to download and install a free app to control the camera. It runs on both Apple and Android devices but some people prefer to connect it with their PC. The video below will explain everything in more detail so make sure to check it out. We wish you happy spying and hope it will work out for the better.


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