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Svengali Deck

Trick Your Friends Big Time

Ever wanted to become a true magician? Now this is your chance! This so called Svengali deck is a normal deck of cards that looks like any other one. However, after reading some instructions, you can tell from the outside of each and every card which one it actually is. You can do all kinds of tricks with this deck and totally impress your friends and relatives. They will absolutely be in shock on how you picked up the world of magic so fast! Just practice a few times at home and you are ready to go. But be aware to get the question ‘how did you do that’ over and over again!


Our Thoughts On The Deck

This Svengali deck is also known as the Deland’s deck. Or some people like call it the marked deck. Actually it’s over a hundred years ago since it was introduced for the first time. You can find lots of videos of people sharing their stories on youtube and giving you some hints. But you could also just search online to find out what these cards are all about. For only $6.99 this definitely is worth it’s price if you consider how much entertainment it will bring to you. Below we added a video of our favorite way to give it a good start. We have fooled so many people already and it’s still fun to do. We’re sorry for the length of the video and the commercials in between, but just stick with it and get inspired!


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Svengali Deck


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