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Tennis Ball Dryer -

Tennis Ball Dryer

Keep Them Bouncy!

For anyone playing tennis this may be a cool accessory. Ever experienced those soaked tennis balls after you exercised or played a match on a rainy day? Most probably you still take them home in that tin can that they were sold in. But did you know that this way your tennis balls will stay wet for a very long period of time? And did you know that when being wet they loose their air pressure? Maybe you have already been thinking why you need to go out and buy new ones when they are not that old. Well, this may be the answer to your question. The tennis ball dryer consists of three different layers that absorb the water very efficiently. It will only take a couple of hours to complete the drying process.


Additional Features

tennis ball dryer in detailBesides drying, this gadget also comes with a tennis net height checker. So in case you are wondering if the net is positioned correctly you can simply do a quick test. It fits 4 tennis balls and comes with a shoulder strap to easily carry them around. Last but not least, when it is empty you can place your drink (bottle, can or whatever) inside the dryer after which it will stay cold for quite a while. Ace Tennis Magazine nominated this as being the best tennis gadget of the year and it has even been featured on the BBC news. If tennis is one of your favorite sports then you may want to check it out and read even more. If it’s not then it would still work pretty well as a birthday or christmas present for someone that practices this game a lot. He or she will definitely be thankful as chances are big that they have never even heard of it before.

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Tennis Ball Dryer


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