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Toucan Can Opener -

Toucan Can Opener

Yes You Can!

From now on the troubles of opening cans could belong to the past. Because the Toucan can opener will do all the work for you without the need to use any force or whatsoever. By pressing a single button you will be able to bring this nicely designed kitchen gadget to life. It will open any can for you, even if the shape is more oval or almost rectangular. And what’s even better, it won’t leave those sharp edges to the divided parts. Removing the top of your opened can is facilitated by an integrated magnet at the bottom of this gadget. Really worth checking out!


Specifications Of The Toucan Can Opener

toucan can opener magnetLet us first take a closer look at it’s power source. The Toucan runs on four AA batteries which unfortunately are not included with the product. But it’s a plus that you won’t need a cable to get this thing running. It is small enough to hide in any kitchen and won’t grab too much attention with it’s black and white colors. The way it works is that it slices through the seal of your can. This results in way smoother edges than with any other typical opener which usually cuts through the lid. Therefore it is even possible to replace the top of your can for easy storage! Extremely handy for pet food. The magnetic properties prevent the lid from falling into your soup, food or whatever it is you are having for dinner. For almost 18 bucks we believe it’s a pretty good deal.


Last But Not Least

There are people who purchased the Toucan can opener and never wanted anything else! They absolutely love it. On the other side however there are others that aren’t happy at all. A strange conclusion but important to notice to you all. We tried to get a good explanation for that but it’s really hard. While reading some forums we have been told that you must give it a little practice to enjoy it to it’s fullest. It seems to be important that you position the devise in a correct way. And once you know how that is done, you must be part of the loving community. Below there’s a video as a short demonstration.

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Toucan Can Opener


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