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Original Towelie Towel -

Towelie Towel

Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel

True South Park fans have probably heard this sentence over and over again. It’s the most common phrase mentioned by a character that was added to the series back in 2001. With the name Towelie he started to appear in several episodes and is considered to be one of the weirdest additions to the show. Some people love the two dimensional little fellow whilst others don’t really understand it’s purpose. He seems to be very caring when he tries to avoid his friends from getting a cold. On the other hand he has a serious drug addiction which brings him into a number of crazy and dangerous situations. That’s why Eric Cartman refers to him as being the worst character ever.


Towelie Towel Info

What you’ll get is a copy of the original textile. The famous blue color is accentuated by facial expressions and the typical white arms and hands. It has the size of a hand towel so don’t expect to use this for sunbathing on the beach. Instead it would work very fine as a funny and geeky addition to your bathroom or kitchen furniture. South Park freaks will love this! Approximate measurements are 24 by 16 inches or in centimeters that would be around 60 x 40. We couldn’t find a lot of information on the product itself but it seems to be made from microfiber. This makes it both soft and tough. The main reason why previous customers bought it was to surprise Towelie admirers big time! From what we read online this has been a huge succes.


Our Verdict

In our opinion this is not something you would buy just because you need a towel. It’s just not worth the 60 bucks. Consider this to be more like a unique collectors item. If you love Towelie or if you have a friend who does, then yeah this should work pretty good. As this item sells out quickly and since we could only find one reseller, you should be assured that there aren’t many people who own one. Most definitely you won’t come across it in a local store just around the corner. So go ahead and check if it is available or try again soon.

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Towelie Towel


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