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Stylish Tripod Floor Lamp -


Tripod Floor Lamp

Vintage Home Decor!

Choosing new furniture or rearranging our living room is a fun thing to do once in a while. But when you talk to an architect they often seem to be fascinated by lights and the way lamps can add that finishing touch. We could bore you with all kinds of typical designs you will come across the world wide web day in and day out. Instead however we decided to showcase this tripod floor lamp. We got excited and fascinated when stumbling upon it so here it is. Read more below if you think this could just do the trick for your house or office.


The Details

tripod floor lamp measurementsThis tripod floor lamp should fit into most households as the measurements are really acceptable. The total height is 38 inches and the floor diameter 16 inches. What we like best is the somewhat marine inspired head of the unit. Not only will it work as a light source, but also you will add a stylish tone to your interior. Just aim for the desired direction and connect the power cable. With the included 3 Watt bulb keep in mind that this item serves mainly for background illumination. For example you could highlight a painting or an antique monument. The body consists of three wooden legs that are made from indian rosewood. Both the polish and the chrome details turn it into a fabulous piece of equipment. On the other side these high quality materials come with a price that may not suit everyone’s budget.


Is There Another Tripod Floor Lamp Available?

In fact there are several different ones to choose from. Take a look at the pictures below to get an impression. Each one is unique in it’s own way but we can’t go into all their details. You could go ahead and read more as they will pop up on the seller’s page. Depending on the colors or theme of your room you may want to go check them out too. If the lamp is not what you have been searching for feel free to see all of our electronic gadgets.

full metal looktripod floor lamp silvertripod black

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Tripod Floor Lamp


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