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Two And A Half Men Mugs -

Two And A Half Men Mugs

Men Men Men Men…

If you enjoy these tv series as much as we do then you may have been thinking ‘where can I get one of those coffee mugs’? Let’s face it, there are countless scenes where these colorful two and a half men mugs almost steal the show. So why not enjoy your morning coffee just the same way? It should at least bring a little smile upon your face after your alarm buzzed you out of bed. With this set your will get 4 high quality mugs that are painted by hand and are made from earthenware. Resistant to your microwave and safe to wash in a dishwasher. A real fun accessory for your kitchen that may be recognized by some of your visitors. Now let’s call Berta to make us that coffee!

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Two And A Half Men Mugs


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