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USB Rechargeable AA Battery -

USB AA Battery

Charge AA batteries from your USB Port

It’s probably no big news that AA batteries are required for quite an amount of our home tools. For instance, the remote to our tv or the rc car of your kid could be waiting for a new boost of energy every now and then. Sure, you may already own a charge station to help you out. But some of us don’t seem to prefer those or they will break eventually. On top of that we nowadays have enough access to USB ports all around our homes, so why not use those instead? It’s an easy and simple operation. Most of us spend quite an amount of time behind a computer anyways, so you may as well plug in some batteries while you are sending out those e-mails. The ones we show you here are compatible with any USB port and will be almost fully charged within five hours.


The Batteries In Detail

usb aa batteries chargingYou will get two AA batteries with this set. The top looks just like any other battery and will fulfill it’s purpose when inserted into your electronic device. Once they are empty you take off the red head which then reveals the USB connector. Just plug and play and watch the magic happen. You can recharge these batteries hundreds of times which make them last for quite a while. We ourselves believe this comes in really handy when you go on a holiday or maybe even out camping. If you are taking your laptop with you anyways then other accessories will not be required. We compared quite an amount of similar items and we must say that there are other batteries by other brand that seem to work just as fine. So if you go and check them out, maybe it’s not a bad idea to read all about those too. Maybe you have your own preferences or maybe you like other colors better.

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USB AA Battery


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