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The Portable USB Fridge -

USB Fridge

A Cool Drink Anywhere!

Whether you’re in an office, a car, a plane or a hotel. With this USB fridge you can enjoy that cold beverage at any location. All you need is a USB port that should be found on most laptops or computers. It’s low weight and small size makes it possible to take it on any holiday. It fits one can and will cool your drink to 12 degrees in about 5 minutes. Besides cooling it is also capable of heating to a maximum temperature of 55 degrees. It comes with instructions but it’s really a plug and play gadget. No batteries are required and you don’t need to install any kind of software.


usb fridge openThe door opens and closes with a magnetic connection. Inside you’ll find a small blue light to spice this thing up a little. Selecting between cold or warm is done with a single switch. We did a little research ourselves and found out that the metal plate in the bottom is where the magic happens. From customer reviews we can tell that cooling a soda or beer can works amazingly well. People admire this little piece of equipment for that! Probably because these cans react best to the metal plate. Not a lot of people use it to keep their coffee or tea warm which actually doesn’t really surprise us. Hey, it’s called a fridge. And it even looks like one!

Attention: Can in picture is not included!


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