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Useless Box Kit - Gadgets Monster

Useless Box Kit

Build It Yourself Useless Box!

You may have heard of the useless box before, or maybe you haven’t. Whatever the case, there now is a build-it-yourself kit of this incredibly stupid gadget. But hey, real geeks will love this big time! Especially since putting it together will provide that personal touch. The main purpose of the box is that there is no purpose. Sounds like logic right? What you do is switch it on, after which it will switch itself off again. Check the video below to get an impression.



The Details

unusual boxLike we said this is a diy product. You need to put all separate pieces together in order to enjoy it. But we have heard people finishing it in under 30 minutes, so it’s not that hard. Unfortunately tools are not included but with this one you will need a screwdriver. A solder is not needed which is why we selected this one for you. AA batteries are also not included but you may have some spare at home. Just face it, this is a down to earth useless box kit for a reasonable price. Just imagine your friend sitting at your desk wondering what that switch will do! Tell them to go ahead and see if they dare. And if they do, you are guaranteed of a big laugh. Over and over again. Definitely worth checking out!

Notice that this kit comes with black acrylic parts. Other colors are available but we think the black one is the coolest. Our other geeky gadgets can be found on this page.

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Useless Box Kit


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