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Virtual Reality Goggles -

Virtual Reality Goggles

Your Own Cinema Anytime Anywhere

Nowadays the virtual reality goggles are absolutely booming. Think about it, they come in very handy on a flight or any other trip. And for those who can’t fit a tv in their bedroom, this might just solve your problem. Whatever the reason, it is definitely part of our modern society. You’ll have your own 52 inch widescreen theatre with attached headphones to wish you a pleasant flight!




Why would you want one?

theatre gogglesThe cool thing is that you can use these glasses for multiple purposes. You can play a movie, watch some pictures, read your e-book or simply listen to your favorite songs. An integrated 4 gigabyte harddisk allows you to store your data. You can also connect your micro SD card as shown in one of the pictures below. In fact there are several ports to connect it to. The battery is seated within these goggles. Once fully charged it will give you three to four hours of entertainment.


virtual glassesmovie theatre

Furthermore these virtual reality goggles have a great fit on both ears and nose. Daylight is blocked and together with the audio you’ll temporarily be in a completely different world. The futuristic design makes this just a fantastic gadget to own. And if it’s not your thing we’re sure your kids will love it big time! Still don’t like it? Check out some more holiday or electronic gadgets.

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Virtual Reality Goggles


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