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Easy To Use Walkie Talkie Watch -

Walkie Talkie Watch

Handsfree Communication!

Stay in touch with your kid or buddy on your next adventure. This walkie talkie watch can be of help in a lot of situations. Give one to your son when you take him to a football match, or one to your daughter when you go to an amusement park. And how about bringing it on your next spy mission? You can stay in contact through either the microphone and speaker, or if silence is necessary simply use the included earphones. Based on customer reviews we can definitely conclude this does it’s work properly and also works as a fun birthday present.


More Specifications

walkie talkie watch set of twoThe set includes two walkie talkie watches, two earphones and two chargers. So you are ready to rock and roll immediately. The battery is rechargeable so no need to buy those separately. When doing a little research we found out that the distance for proper talking reaches up to two kilometers in an open area. But some people say they stayed connected for longer distances. We guess it depends on the circumstances like walls and buildings. When fully charged you have 3 hours of speaking time so that should be enough, especially since there is an auto-saving feature installed. Off course it also displays the time and you can set all kinds of settings in the menu. This watch is easy to operate and will keep your kids busy on your next holiday!

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Walkie Talkie Watch


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