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Wasp Trap -

Wasp Trap

Enjoy Your Summer Evening

Don’t we all get annoyed when we’re sitting in our garden and all of a sudden wasps come and say hello? People say they come in peace, and they may be right, but how inappropriate is it to fly around our drinks or even our heads? That’s just rude and it gets a lot of folks irritated. We work hard all day long so we deserve a little moment of relaxation. We need to enjoy and take full advantage of our chilling moments in order to avoid stress or even a nervous breakdown. That’s why we are showing you a wasp trap that seems to be one of the best ones out there.


The Wasp Trap

wasp trap in treeJust like many amongst us, we have to admit that we feel a little sorry for getting rid of these aero acrobats. But there simply is no other way around it. They won’t leave until you either take away your beverage or the mothership calls them back. The last option is probably never going to happen. But we need our drink for either balancing our sugar levels or bringing joy to our alcoholic brain cells. In other words, we need a wasp trap! Even if that means they must die on their mission to bring free nutrients back home before Wasps Got Talent is on tv. With this order you will get two traps. You can use them simultaneously, but if your problem is not serious you could just install a single one. A cocktail of water and sugar needs to be poured inside to simulate a never ending happy hour sugar bar. The 18 inch nylon cord comes with the set for hanging under a tree. Openings on the outside are meant for entering after which there is no way out. Now you can relax and sip your cocktail in silence!


What Else To Know?

A description on the perfect sugar mix comes with this wasp trap. So no worries. It’s manufactured by Aspectek which should ring a bell to some of us. These guys build all kinds of products of which insect zappers are a favorite selection. Position at least 20 feet away from human presence for a perfect distraction. For almost 13 bucks a really good deal that will help you out big time, either at home or on your next holiday!

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Wasp Trap


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