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The Watermelon Slicer -

Watermelon Slicer

A Must Have For Every Kitchen!

Watermelons are probably one of the most famous appetizers we all enjoy every now and then. The only issue we always seem to come across is the need to cut out the pieces to finally enjoy it. So how about this watermelon slicer? Your guests will be very thankful and amazed! Remember, it’s the little things that can turn anyone of us into a master chef.


About The Watermelon Slicer

watermelon slicer close upThis stainless steel tool is rather easy to use. You can watch the movie below as a tutorial if you like. What you do first is cut your watermelon into two half pieces. Once you’ve done that you take out your slicer and watch the action happen. Because of the design you don’t have to worry about those annoying greenish parts coming from the outer layer. You’ll only be cutting pure watermelon parts that will keep almost their entire juice. Turning the watermelon slicer around turns it into a grabbing gadget. Cool huh? It couldn’t get any easier and everyone can do this. For easy cleaning it’s no problem to let your dishwasher do the hard work for you, it won’t get damaged. For just over 25 bucks this is probably not your cheapest kitchen gear. However, it’s built to last for years to come and will bring that smile upon your face over and over again. Also a nice solution when you go camping and don’t feel like making a big mess out of your tiny new home.


Final Note

The watermelon slicer works very well as a christmas, birthday or wedding gift. No matter if that person is an experienced cook or just a beginner. Or maybe even someone that doesn’t enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen. Just make sure you don’t let your kids play with it.

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Watermelon Slicer


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