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Set Of 9 Whiskey Stones -

Whiskey Stones

For The Perfect Taste!

Did you know that whiskey makes up for about 25% of Scotland’s food-beverage income? With it’s worldwide export you probably recognized the famous bottles in your local bar or liquor store. And even better, it seems that this drink is still gaining massive popularity! But how do you like it best? If you ask a Scotsman he’ll tell you to enjoy it at room temperatures. But fact is that many people prefer to have it cold. And that’s when we came across these classy whiskey stones. Once frozen they will keep their icy temperature longer than ‘normal’ ice cubes. And for anyone who doesn’t like whiskey, off course these cubes can be used to cool any drink of choice.


Why Would You Want These Stones?

Whiskey Stones PackageThis is a set of 9 rocks but there are bigger sets available. However if you keep in mind that 2 or 3 rocks per glas is recommended, then you’re already able to cool 3 or 4 glasses of whiskey. Probably enough for most of us. The material of the whiskey stones is soapstone and there are a couple of good reasons for that. After leaving them in your freezer for 4 hours they will unfreeze slower than ice. Another big advantage is that there will be no water added to your drink like ice cubes do. And last but not least, these stones have absolutely no taste. And that’s what most people like about them.


More Info

whiskey stones setSoapstone is made of talc which doesn’t interact with your beverage in any way. If you take just a little care they will not damage or scratch your glass. Best is to leave them in your drink for about five minutes before you stay to enjoy it. Once you drank enough you can wash them with water and store them in your kitchen freezer. You’ll get a little bag with this product to make this as easy as possible. Use them over and over again and surprise your guests big time!

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Whiskey Stones


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