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Wooden Beer Mug -

Wooden Beer Mug

A Drinking Treat

When diving into all the available wooden beer mugs we soon found out that it’s hard to make a choice. What size should we get, would we want the interior to be wood or metal, and which model looks the coolest? We picked a couple of best sellers but took into account that each one is made from quality wood. Sit back, grab a beer and let us inspire you. It should only take a couple of minutes.


The Mug In The Picture Above

wooden beer mug interiorThis is our personal favorite. It’s made by hand and the price seems very reasonable. You can pour half a liter of beer inside without overfilling. The interior of this wooden beer mug is made from metal which prevents the wood from getting moist. Besides that it also helps to keep your beer cool. Keep in mind that this is definitely not the smallest option as it’s total height exceeds 6 and a half inches (17 centimeters). But it’s a really impressive eye catcher! One downside we came across is that some folks would have preferred a bigger handle.


What If I Want A Fully Wooden Mug?

wooden beer oak mugDon’t worry because there are lots of those too. They will be displayed on the sellers page as well but let’s pick one of them. As you can see from the picture on the right the only thing metal are the surrounding steel bands. Since it’s oak wood make sure to have it fully filled with hot water prior to using it the first time. This will expand the wood a little and tighten it’s structure. If you skip this part you may end up with leakage like a few other people complained about. If you do this right you will enjoy this antique version to it’s fullest. The thing we dislike is the price of almost 50 bucks.


Wooden Beer Mug Alternatives

Here’s a small selection of what will be shown to you as well. Maybe there’s something that you like better or that would be a fun addition to your collection.

black new mugalternative mugdesigner oak wood mug

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Wooden Beer Mug


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