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Arcade1Up from Tastemakers has another new home arcade system set to release, this time with the iconic arcade game Ridge Racer. The home arcade system is available for pre-order now.

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The latest home arcade machine features the Ridge Racer arcade game, one of the most memorable video games ever. The arcade system itself is decorated with screenshots from the game and its logo. It also sports a steering wheel, gear shift, and pedal system as well, allowing players to play the game while standing or seated.

According to Arcade1Up, some of the features and specifications included in their Ridge Racer system include:

  • WIFI enabled for Leaderboard
  • Rumble Steering Wheel
  • Light-Up Marquee
  • Custom designed Arcade and Riser
  • Headphone Jack
  • 5 games in 1
  • Dimensions: 30.78 D x 19.75 W x 65.51 H
  • Box Dimensions 11.25 D x 23.75 W x 47.38 H
  • Weight: 81.57 lbs.
  • Gas Pedal & Brakes
  • 2 Way Shifter
  • 17″ Color LCD Screen
  • Variable Volume Switch
  • Dual Speakers
  • Clear Protective Deck
  • Anti-Tip Over Strap

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Fans looking to pick up the home arcade machine can do so now, with pre-orders officially live. The machine will cost $699.99 and is available both on Arcade1Up’s website as well as at other retailers, including Best Buy.

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