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Less than a month after Delhi police busted a terror module backed by Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence, which was reportedly planning to set off bombs in various parts of the country during the festival season, its special cell has arrested a terrorist of Pakistani nationality. Both cases have seen multi-state operations and importantly this is in the backdrop of the rise of targeted killings of minorities in Kashmir. Security forces over there also experienced their deadliest incident this year, with at least five army personnel killed in gun battles with militants yesterday.

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Notwithstanding the decline in big-ticket terror attacks, these are signs of Pakistan-backed terror build-up that need to be countered by security agencies with renewed alertness.

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The terrorists’ underlying logic as always is to weaken the fabric of society via weakening faith in the state. In this regard, while the security solution is critical, so is societal cohesion. Religious polarisation took a terrible toll on the country through the turn of the nineties, from Punjab to Kashmir. Calming those conflicts took sensible politics and people’s participation. That lesson of history is very important.



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