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Earlier this summer, Malia White was riding a Vespa on the streets of Mallorca, Spain when she took a gnarly tumble. Her pictures from the hospital after the accident show just how bad it really was for the Below Deck: Mediterranean star, given she was wrapped up like a mummy from head to toe. In fact, she said at the time that she’d suffered a fractured elbow and broken toes, while growing a new appreciation for helmet protection. Months later, the notorious Bravo bosun relfected on the accident and shared exactly how brutal the hospital stay itself was for someone accustomed to the U.S. medical system.

While on the Hollywood Raw podcast, the Below Deck: Mediterranean alum stated that she and a fellow crewmate were going 70 mph on their Vespa scooters when the colleague accidently clipped Malia White’s front tire. She was then sent flying, though had a quick enough adrenaline-driven reaction to jump away from oncoming traffic. While you’d think the waiting room would be the worst, things got truly rough once she was being looked at by hospital staff. She told the podcast hosts:

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Honestly, that was the worst part. Like I speak broken Spanish. She was speaking broken English. And basically, she brought this tub in. And she was like, ‘I’m so sorry, this is going to hurt.’ And I was like, ‘What? What’s going on?’ And she just takes this sponge and like this brush, and she just starts scrubbing all of my [wounds]…I had wounds that were massive and it was pure iodine [in the tub] and I just started screaming. She gave me a plastic stick to bite down on, and I was like ‘No, please, stop.’

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