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When Britney Spears’ father Jamie was removed by the court as her primary conservator last September, many fans thought that would be the end of his involvement in the ongoing story of his daughter’s independence. However, some news outlets began to report that the pop star’s legal team would seek litigious action against her father for the alleged abuse she suffered under his supervision. While no such suit has been confirmed to be filed, the younger Spears’ attorneys have spoken out on Jamie Spears’ behavior – and it’s not exactly complimentary. 

According to The Blast, Britney Spears’ legal team released a statement decrying the actions of her father and former conservator Jamie Spears. These new legal documents delineate Jamie’s supposed misdeeds against his daughter, and assert that history will not remember him in a kind light. Part of the statement reads: 

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No matter how hard he tries to rewrite history, avoid discovery and his deposition, and avoid the implications of his faithless actions as Conservator, Mr. Spears cannot avoid the stigma and implications of being a disgraced suspended Conservator.

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