Fall Guys Studio Acquired By Epic Games As Mediatonic Shares What’s Next

Epic Games has announced that it has taken on the development company, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, behind a Battle-Royal hit gameshow. In this article you will find out about Fall Guys Studio Acquired by Epic Games as Mediatonic shares what’s next. What is next. In less than seven months after launching Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, Tonic Games is a parent company of developer Mediatonic and joins Epic Gambas. The title will be available on Xbox and Switch this summer.

The gameplay of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock-out doesn’t change, and the company will continue to invest in the title across all platforms, according to both Epic Games and Mediatonic. Fall Guys will continue to have access to all existing and announced platforms (yes, Steam included) and all releases will receive updates in the future.

“We often say at the Tonic Games Group that ‘everyone should be made to play for them.'” Dave Bailey, Co founding Tonic Games Group and CEO, said in an epic games blog post. “Epic gives us the feeling that we found a home made for us. They share our mission of constructing and supporting matches that have a positive effect, empower others, and endure the test of time.”

Epic Games are joined by Tonic Games and Media Games in what seems to be the giant’s larger publication. Over the past several years, Epic Games has driven high on its own megahit, Fortnite and recently announced the publishing of deals with Control development company Playdead and GenDesign. Epic Games is also the parent company of another Rocket League developer, Psyonix, with a popular live game.

Mediatonic says it’d be delighted to add features in games like the Fortnite and Rocket League, including accounts systems, cross-play modes, squad-vs.-squad modes and many more. Fall Guys have already taken a page out of games such as Fortnite and Rocket League and included Crossover items from other games such as Cuphead, Fortress 2, Sonic Hedgehog, Goose Game Untitled and Doom.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was launched by PlayStation 4 and Steam last August to give positive feedback to millions of players. The title is currently in its third content season, which is the subject of winter. See our review for more information on Fall Guys: Last Knockout.

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