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It’s no secret while many critics enjoyed the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, various diehard Ghostbusters fans did not. At the time, fans voiced their disdain for the film’s all-female cast, with their disappointment in the decision showing in the 2016 female-led film becoming a box office bomb. Besides the cast, director Paul Feig received some flak for the film’s disappointing commercial performace. This led Columbia Pictures to pivot away from a sequel and do a follow-up to the original series – Ghostbuster: Afterlife. While some would be sour over their experience, Feig was the opposite, as evidenced by his classy response to Afterlife’s release.

The Ghostbusters director took to Twitter to congratulate the latest entry into the Ghostbusters universe. Paul Feig appeared to be just as excited about Ghostbusters: Afterlife arriving in theaters as moviegoers were. The sequel’s journey to the cinema has been a drawn-out battle, to say the least. Instead of being bitter over not getting another shot, Feig chose to uplift the new film, especially its director, Jason Reitman. Check out the Ghostbusters director’s celebratory tweet below:

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